Breaking and training of high quality ponies for polo

To enter into the ‘doma’ or horse-breaking process, horses need to be in great condition, both mentally and physically. The La Piru ponies arrived between Christmas and New Year, and needed some time to settle into their new surroundings. The contrast between the flat land, heat and recent swampy conditions of Santa Fe, where Riki’s Las Marias breeding operation is located, and their new home in the rocky hills of the Sierras Chicas could not be greater.

In addition, the harsh weather conditions this season in Santa Fe, with searing heat and torrential storms, has made keeping livestock extremely challenging, and the horses arrived a little underweight, with some ‘rain scald’ on their backs and their hooves suffering from the constantly wet ground.

Taking all this into account, along with the sheer stress of the journey and change of surroundings, Jumi and Lou decided to leave the ponies to relax and recover for their first month. This also allowed time to get to know their characters, and treat any minor ailments. All of Riki’s horses are beautifully handled as youngsters, meaning they arrived relaxed and confident around people, easy to put head collars on and work with.

The horses have put on weight quickly with the rich summer grass, and their coats have started to shine. With their rapid improvement, in February the work will begin in earnest.

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Three people. One passion. To produce outstanding quality horses ready for high goal polo in Argentina.

Argentine polo professional and owner of ‘Las Marias’ polo pony breeding operation in Santa Fe, Argentina. Through meticulous attention to detail, and an in depth knowledge of bloodlines, each year Riki strives to improve his own stock to breed ponies with the best physical and mental attributes for high goal polo.

Argentine polo professional and owner of ‘Horse Natura’ horse breaking operation in Córdoba, Argentina. Passionate about ‘doma racional’ (natural horsemanship techniques), Jumi understands that good breeding is only one part of producing successful ponies, and believes that high quality horse breaking is at the heart of future success.

English patron with an Argentine husband, and owner of ‘La Piru’ in Córdoba, Argentina. Lou believes that a successful pony results from a combination of excellent breeding, an individual approach to horse breaking with a tailored training programme to suit each horse, and where respect for the horse is paramount in every part of their early and working lives.

Three people. One passion. Six young horses. La Piru Polo is born.

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